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Asana at the Wall

Posture, Pranayama, & Power Animals

Yoga for Emotional Well-Being

A wall is a universal, readily available prop, and its use is not limited to inversions and restorative postures.

Using a wall during our asana practice can teach us about our alignment (or lack thereof) as we do our poses.


A wall also provides stability and much needed security for some of us.   Perhaps most importantly, familiar poses require different muscular actions when done at the wall, thus assisting the body to learn new patterns.

During the workshop you can expect to experience the following:  balanced right and left hemispheres of the brain, balanced energy (prana and apana), balanced nervous system, balanced practice and of course standing balance postures and inversions using the wall as a tool for support and exploration. It will include

  • sacral & shoulder alignment & stability

  • core strengthening

  • vertical stacking.


The session is suitable for beginning and experienced practitioners.  Participating students will receive a copy of Nancy's book, Yoga at the Wall.  

Yoga postures facilitate ease in the body.  Pranayama awakens us to inner energies. Totem/Power Animals connect us to the realm of nature.  In a shamanic journey, power animals can also show up to help us connect to our inherent qualities or to those we need to incorporate into our lives. 


This 2-hour workshop integrates yoga and shamanic practice.  Posture and guided breathing relax the nervous system and awaken the mind to inner space.  The rhythmic beat of the shamanic drum then guides students through a journey where they may discover a totem animal whose characteristics awaken an inner ability (power).


No prior experience necessary.  Everyone welcome!

Emotional well-being is the ability to produce positive emotions, moods, thoughts, and feelings, and adapt when confronted with adversity and stressful situations.  One of its foundations is resilience, which allows us to navigate challenging life events. 


This workshop explores several ways in which our yoga practice contributes to emotional regulations, resilience, and happiness, regardless of the challenges we face.


Learn what classical yoga has to teach about emotional well-being and be prepared to practice physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.


All levels and bodies welcome!  Bring your mat, a notebook/journal, and something to write with. 

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