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Nancy McCaochan Welcomes You!

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Peace can be hard to come by in this insanely distracting culture in which most of us are immersed.  Cell phones, TVs, tablets, computers---devices of all kinds pull us away from center, which is the ONLY place that peace has the potential to live and thrive.  Yoga practice brought me peace in the early 1970s and again in 1995.  But peace, once discovered, doesn't stay unless we PRACTICE.  Nor is it the end of the practice; rather it is the beginning of the adventure called "LIFE."


Since beginning to teach in 1995, I've logged over 1000 hours of training in posture, breathwork and meditation.  My teaching is a blend of mindful attention to postural integrity and breath awareness.     A playful, articulate teacher I'm the author of Yoga at the Wall, a workshop facilitator and retreat leader. 

My focus is peace, but peace leads to self knowledge.  It allows for awareness of sensation.  It gets us out of our heads and into our nervous systems.  From here (in awareness of our nervous system), we can begin to clear the debris accumulated during lifetimes of reacting.  From here (awareness of habitual patterns of reaction) we can begin to choose how to live.  

Breath and body, body and breath--these lead to consciousness, which is a portal to the infinite. Yoga practice can take us there.  

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