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Happiness is . . .

Most of us think we know what will make us happy--especially if we don't have it. Yet we're often surprised by what REALLY makes us smile or puts a song in our hearts. Explore happiness this weekend. You might just be surprised by what you find.


The purposes of this retreat are several:

  • to give people an opportunity to look at their assumptions about the nature of happiness

  • to evaluate the current state of each attendee's own happiness

  • to uncover blocks to personal happiness

  • to learn strategies and techniques for creating greater happiness in everyday life. 


The weekend includes yoga, meditation, visualization, group experience, divination, a drum journey, inspirational reading and play. Come prepared to look inside, to share, and to increase your sense of enjoyment. No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary.


If you’re feeling stuck in your emotional or spiritual life, this retreat will provide tools and practices to experience significant expansion. Some experience with spirituality is a plus but not necessary.


Participants should bring

  • a yoga mat and/or a blanket

  • writing materials (computers and tablets are ok)

  • a willingness to be open & introspective and to share what they discover.  

No retreats scheduled at this time.   Call or text 248-797-4271 for inquiries or to host.  


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