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Practice Manual for Beginning Yoga Students & their Teachers

Practice Manual for Beginning Yoga Students & their Teachers

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Yoga at the Wall, synthesizes Nancy's yogic teaching experience with her love of writing. This book, available in both paperback and digital formats, can help you learn:

  • fundamental techniques of yoga breathing and practice
  • basic pelvic and shoulder alignment
  • ways in which wall yoga can help you strengthen and stretch
  • simple movements to encourage joint mobility
  • how to use resistance to train the body to open
  • 40 of the most commonly taught yoga postures
  • 25 foundational poses
  • how to adapt yoga postures
  • The Wall Creates a Unique Yoga Session

    The wall creates a unique yoga session that’s both fun and enlightening. Specifically, the wall is used to:

    • present fundamentals of yoga postures (asanas)
    • align the spine, pelvis and shoulders
    • give immediate feedback to increase awareness
    • nurture opening
    • work with resistance for more effective strength training and stretching
    • assist balance
    • help beginners and those with injuries and functional instability
    • teach intermediate students how to move more gracefully
    • show us where we’re holding on too tightly
    • provide security and support for seniors and those in need of yoga therapy and/or adaptive yoga

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