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Loving laughter, service to others and a daily dedication to open myself to the grace that’s always available when I’m paying attention—these are my aspirations. Increasingly, they’re the foundation of my happiness.

Not that I’m always “up”. Rainy days, lack of sleep, some bit of technology I can’t quite master are things that bring me up short. But more and more I look for (and find) beauty.

More and more I appreciate the many gifts I’m given to share with others whose journeys are not so smooth as my own. And more and more I’m content—no, excited—to be in service to the love that makes my cells hum in concert with the spheres.

While I was taking my Kundalini Teacher Training, I was given the spiritual name, Sevak Prem, which translates to “servant of love.” One of my friends was “Victory of Light.” Why and how was I merely a lowly servant when she was a triumphant bearer of light? I was bummed—I equated “servant” with “servile,” that state of groveling to another for favors.

What I’ve learned over the 3 years since being named “Servant of Love”,” is that love is the greatest energy we have. When I give service through love, my life may not be easy, but I have the energy to accomplish great things. What might otherwise be a sacrifice becomes grace as I interact with and help others become more whole.

As a teacher I’ve known for a long time that the Beatles were correct when they sang “the love you take is equal to the love you make.” That always worked in the classroom, but being “off duty” usually meant that I became more guarded with my time and my heart.

Recently, however, I’ve begun to experience how everyday acts of patience, compassion and attentiveness to others keeps me grounded, open, loving, and balanced. What I’m discovering is that service creates a “me” that’s more than who I think I can be. It expands my energy field. It makes me high. And it makes me whole.

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